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Sunday September 24th, 2017  Purchasing scrap

Scrap alloys from broken items are often thrown away because they all think they are small and have no value after failure. This causes environmental pollution as waste is not properly treated. Understanding this, JSC Trading scrap 247 has launched the service of buying high-priced alloy scrap. This helps to create jobs for many people, providing financial resources, especially for dealing with waste properly and without affecting the environment.

What is scrap stock trading company 247?

Acquisition of scrap metal is an area of ​​operation of the company trading scrap 247. The company was established and operating business in the field of collecting scrap metal, purchasing and processing Alloy waste, scrap metal purchase, alloy scrap recycling, … contribute to environmental protection. Scrap 247 is proud to be one of the pioneers in the field of scrap buying, scrap collection, scrap handling and recycling in Vietnam.

Our service provides scrap collection services including: demolition, scrap collection, moving scraps, cleaning of warehouses or cleaning and clearing for you and your organization. Your Business.

We purchase all kinds of unsold alloy scrap in large quantities, all kinds of alloy scrap; meets all requirements for capacity and capacity to collect alloy scrap, transportation capacity and payment for orders and / or projects for large-scale scrap disposal. Customers have come out alloy scrap, discarded alloys not used for sale or liquidation contact PHELIEU247.

PHELIEU247 Purchase of scrap metal:

  • Wide range of all cities and provinces throughout Vietnam.
  • Commitment to purchase high price scrap competition.
  • Purchased in the place, the foot of the premises of the scrap metal for sale liquidation.
  • Purchasing and consulting services to buy 24/7 alloy scrap.

Types of alloy scrap

– old cnc knife, old CNC knife CNMG, DNMG, SNMA …

– Used woodworking tools and tools.

– Oil and gas drilling rigs

– Old chips

The process of buying and selling Metal scrap

Step 1 : Customers who have metal scaps for sell please kindly contact and give us the detailed information of your waste materials. The detailed information should include : type of metal craps, quanlity, weight, location of waster materials sold, seller’s contact and some other extra information if needed. Then you send your detailed information form to us through one of the ways below :

Sending your form to our email :

– Filling the form at

– Making a phone call to our call center : 1900 6891

– Directly calling or sending SMS to our hotlines : 0932 363 998 or 0962 788 835

Step 2 : As soon as we receive your detailed information form, we will quickly classify, evaluate and appriciate your information then send it to our nearest agency located in your city. This agency will handle with your order and directly work with you about arranging schedule, place to check your metal scraps and making more detailed data about your goods.

Step 3 : Based on the information that our agency carried out from your goods, we will calculate the best competitive price which suitable for your goods and will send it to you.

Step 4 : If you agree with our prices, we will carry out our a scrap buying plan and a technical plan (if any) including : demolition – dismantling (if any), collecting scraps, cleaning up the warehousr and clearing the place for you.

Step 5: If you agree with the plan mentioned in step 4, we will negotiate and sign contract about  buying and selling scrap materials or project for liquidation of the scrap.

Step 6 : After we sign the contract, our company will collect metal craps and transport them from your places to our warehouses. Then we will check the quality and amount of goods quality again before we pay for you.

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