Copper scrap

Tuesday September 26th, 2017  Purchasing scrap

Copper scrap buying and recycling is a way to protect copper resources as copper resources are now being exhausted due to the indiscriminate exploitation of man. In PHELIEU247, we provide revenue collection services. buy scrap copper in bulk. With professional service packages: demolition, scrap collection, moving scraps, cleaning up warehouses or cleaning and clearing your home and business.

PHELIEU247 buys all kinds of copper scrap not limited in quantity and type; meets all requirements for capacity and ability to collect copper scrap, transportation capacity and payment for orders and / or projects that require large scale scrap sales.

Classification of copper scrap

There are many different types of copper scrap available. There are some common types of copper scrap that are purchased: power cable, coil wire, telephone wire …

The process of buying and selling Copper scrap

PHELIEU247 specializes in purchasing scrap copper in all provinces and cities nationwide, pledging to buy high-priced scrap at competitive prices, buying at wholesale prices of copper scrap for sale, purchasing and consulting services. Support for buying and selling scrap 24/7.

The process of buying scrap copper professional, prestige:

  • High scrap buying prices.
  • Information is fast, data is updated regularly.
  • Check out fast, pay cash to take place.
  • Not afraid to go far, large numbers.
  • Teams of unloading, disassembling and transportation are extremely professional.
  • The operator is always welcome to welcome you.

Phelieu247 joint stock company was established and operated in the field of collecting waste, garbage… Purchasing scrap materials, defective products, unused goods, liquidated goods, inventories; recycling of waste… contributing to environmental protection. As one of the pioneering businesses in the field of scrap buying, scrap collection, processing and recycling of scrap in Vietnam.

Join with us for a Green Planet!